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What To Consider Before Buying WordPress Theme from Themeforest

Selecting a theme for your WordPress site can be overwhelming. Most probably you spend hours by browsing various repositories and always find more and more good looking options.

The professional design countless customization options and in case of any issues you just call the support that helps you to save hours of thinking and looking for solution. Is it all? How to choose the right one?

Go through this checklist of the most important aspects to check when looking for some of the best WordPress themes in 2017.

Responsivity is essential

mobile friendly wordpress theme

In the era of different devices and traffic coming to the websites from mobiles, tablets and computers, responsive theme is a must. They simply adjust the layout across all the available devices. Regardless of your business/blogging goals, at least full mobile responsiveness is essential. It affects also your ranking positions as Google prioritize mobile friendly websites in the mobile search results.

Most of the premium themes are responsive by default. If you're not sure about it, Google has a handy test page where you just simply past URL of demo version. Check out the most recent article about importance of mobile SEO optimization in 2017 from one of the most reputable sources of SEO updates.

Last update

In fact, when it comes to date it truly doesn't matter when the theme was created but it's important when has the developer released the last update. Make sure to check this out as the theme may have some security weaknesses hence you risk hackers attack.

If the theme isn't updated for several months it should be a sign to look after different one. Unless you are really into the this one, then you can contact the developer and ask directly about updates.

Read reviews

Reliable repositories and marketplaces usually have a solid rating system. Popular themes have a lot of comments or star rating which might be useful. Almost all themes can have a few bad comments, but read them carefully because it doesn't need to necessarily be a sign of poor quality. Make sure you spend more time on that reading, you don't want to be another guy complaining there as well, in case something goes wrong.

Check the Demo version

Premium themes usually have a demo preview where you can check the real time action and try all the features. Every premium theme should have a demo link where you check it in action. This way you'll get the first preview of how your website can look like.

SEO friendly

Although the premium themes may be very good-looking, they can still have several on-site SEO mistakes. Sellers of themes usually state this in the description but don't trust it blindly. Rather open the demo version and look through the code.

You can also check the markup using W3C Markup Validation tool. The service will most likely generate many warnings but don't panic, it's nothing to be concerned about.

Compatibility across different browsers

Your theme may look good in Google Chrome while in Safari the features are disordered. Make sure to run a quick simple test and don't forget to check mobile version also.

Multilingual ready

English is only one of more than 40 language versions of WordPress. Not mentioning the fact that WordPress has users across the globe. If you plan to create a website in different languages make sure that your selected theme supports translations and multilingual plugins.


The most remarkable difference between free and premium themes is support. If you are inexperienced user support is a crucial thing because to solve basic issues may cost you extra money. Premium themes usually come with 6 or 12 months of support, while there are developers not offering support at all or promising a lifetime support. Before buying a theme is appropriate to check the quality of provided support - check the time of reaction to your mail or comment so you will already know what to expect if some problem eventually occurs.

Easy customization

Before you make a final decision, ensure that the theme can be customized your preferred way. Check the options panel or the WP Theme Customizer. Every premium theme should be able to incorporate your colors or brand identification. Can you customize the navigation panels or banners the header easily? If it's hard, don't waste your time and search for another one which allows you to take over the sections.

Also how about the layout? Does the theme offer different options of design? If not, you have two options: look for different theme or pay a professional designer to do it for you. And let's be honest, who wants to pay for something that doesn't offer the desired result?

Integration of social media

Social media are inseparable source of traffic and perfect way to enhance the engagement with your readers or customers. You can always use social media plugins but why to do so when there are themes that already come with built-in social media plugins. It saves your time, money as you don't need to spend extra costs for premium social media plugins and they are already customized to the entire website look.

What others thing you usually check prior to selecting a certain theme? Would you add more tips to be conscious about when it comes to buying a premium theme?

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