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EventOn: The best WordPress events plugin

Are you looking for a WordPress plugin to handle events? I was looking for it too, but fortunately I found EventOn, the perfect events plugin.

What is EventOn? It's an highly flexible plugin that will allow you to easily handle your website events.


Do you want to know why EventOn is so cool? Let's start from the beginning! A few months ago I was planning a website for a customer and the main issue was precisely the events management. There was no budget to create a custom plugin, so I looked for it around the web. After a few hours of research I found EventOn and I fell in love 🙂

Why is EventOn the best events plugin? First of all EventOn is easily expandable thanks to the many addons available on the official website, but even the basic version is incredibly useful.

Here are the main features:

  • EvenOn uses Google Maps to events location and directions.
  • Any event could be saved on Google Calendar or downloaded  as .ics file to be added to iCal, Outlook etc.
  • You can create events lasting several days.
  • You visitors can sort and filter all events.
  • Events can be repeated according to your schedule.
  • You can organize events for up to 5 categories.
  • Use a built-in shortcode generator to customize your calendar options.
  • Create different event lists divided by mouths or show all events without any month separation.
  • Automatically hide past events.

All these features are just the beginning! Read on and discover all the addons which makes this events plugin so fabulous!

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Let's look at all the addons!

Action User

This first addon allow your users to submit their own events, obviously you can control any EventOn permissions, keeping everything under control. You decide who can insert events and you can also moderate event submissions.

Event List: EXT

This addon improves the way this events plugin displays your events and add the ability to sort them on the list.

Events Map

This addon show a map with all event locations; any map marker will show a info window containing the address and number of events at the location.

RSVP Events

This addons allows your visitors to confirm their attendance at your events using a specific form, set the size of their group and also change their RSVP as many times they want.

Event Tickets

This addon combined with Woocommerce represents the ultimate solution for your ticket sales need. You can choose the maximum number of tickets salable or block sales when you would prefer.

QR Code

Add QR Codes to event tickets to improved attendance management to your events. You can use any 3rd party app to scan these QR Codes and check-in your guests.

Event Reviewer

Add the capability to rate your events and leave reviews. You will receive a mail alert whenever your visitors will leave a review, so you could moderate it.

Event Photos

Add a lightbox image gallery to your events, choosing between light or dark themes to match you website color scheme. Obviously the lightbox is full responsive and supports the swipe gestures.

Event API

Thanks to this addon you can display your EventOn calendars on external websites without using iframes. You can also get a customized JSON event data for any purposes. Using this addon you can use this plugin as issuer for your events and integrate them anywhere you want.

Event lists and items

This addon will create an event list divided by categories, locations and organizers. Please remember, EventOn allows you to create up to 5 different event categories.

ICS Importer

Now you can import all your events starting from an ICS file (created by Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal). You can set the initial status for all imported events to decide if publish them or save as drafts.

Speakers and Schedule

Improve your event details with this addon integrating speakers and their schedule. Your visitors will be able to see the details of each speaker by clicking on the corresponding thumb and reading the details in the lightbox window opened.

Full Cal

Display your calendar in a grid view with an animated month scrolling. Clicking on a date a lightbox will display the scheduled events.


Users could subscribe your calendar to be notified by mail when you'll add a new event. Any visitors can subscribe to an event clicking on the "subscribe" button and filling the form showed. The subscribers can manage their subscriptions from the manage subscription page.

Event Countdown

This plugin displays a Countdown timer till the end of the event. You can choose the behavior once the event is over, by default the timer will be hidden.

Sync Events

Sync event between Facebook, Google Calendar and your site (obviously using EventOn). Please note that the events will be fetch from Facebook and Google, but currently there's no way to pull them on the social networks.

Daily View Addon

Thanks to this addon your users can navigate events one day at a time, giving a better user experience.

Weekly view

Show your events on a weekly view, you can navigate week by week across months on a continuous carousel, showing scheduled events on any day.

RSS Feed

This plugin add an events RSS feed to your site and show a button to the bottom of your calendars.

Event Search

Search between events your favorite one adding a search bar above your calendars. Note that you can select which events are searchable.

CSV Event importer

Using this addon you can import events from other calendar to EventOn using a CSV file. You can also select which events will be imported.

Ok, I did it! I hope I have not forgotten any addon 🙂

What do you think? It is or is not the best WordPress events plugin? Click here to visit the plugin page on CodeCanyon.

Let me know!

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