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Wow, Dope WordPress theme released!

Hey, do you know Dope? It's our latest WordPress theme!

I know what you're thinking ... Oh no, now you set out to tell me how cool is your WordPress Theme!

Just let me have time to explain some of its functions and I promise you will not be disappointed.

First of all, the main feature is the Portfolio layout; as you can see It is a totally new concept, different from what has been published till now.

Dope WordPress theme

Obviously that's not all, trough a new WordPress Theme Options Panel is possible to configure many theme's aspects like Google Fonts, colors, typos and many other options to fully customize your website.

Dope has many layouts for both, blog posts and portfolio ones, here're some of them:

  • Blog Flex
  • Blog Masonry
  • Blog Medium
  • Blog Default
  • Portfolio Featured
  • Portfolio Grid
  • Portfolio Flex
  • Portfolio Masonry

They seem enough, you say?

Obviously Dope supports WPBackery Visual Composer, the best plugin to help you build your pages; with this plugin you can create fantastic layout in a few clicks, achieving incredible results in a short time.

What are you waiting for? Take a look to this incredible WordPress Theme! Click here to visit its Themeforest page.

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