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How to bulk update WordPress with an amazing online tool

WordPress is an amazing CMS, but it needs to be constantly updated. However often the WordPress upgrade can become a big waste of time if you manage many websites, so, how about an online tool that allows you to bulk update all your WordPress sites?

You got it right, you may bulk update all of your WordPress sites with one simple tool! And if I told you that it is also free?

Let's start from the beginning ... a few months ago I realized that I was wasting a lot of time updating my clients' websites, I had to find a solution!

Quite by accident I came across an article or a Facebook post (the memory is no longer what it once was) which presented ManageWP. This fantastic tool was and is the solution to many problems, first of all the waste of time 🙂

bulk update wordpress

ManageWP is a platform available in both free and paid versions, the free version is excellent, imagine the paid one 🙂

Let's see the features offered by this platform:

  • keep all your websites in one (safe) place.
  • Update plugins, themes and WordPress core in a simple way, without accessing each time to all dashboards.
  • Backups available also in the free plan.
  • Clone your website wherever you need with a few clicks.
  • Constant monitoring of the integrity of your sites.
  • Benchmark all your websites performances.
  • Check your website and send you a notification if it goes down.
  • A complete report ready to be sent to your customers.
  • Track changes on your SEO ranking for all your keywords.
  • Run code snippets on multiple websites at once.

As you can see the bulk update is a minor part, indeed the Managewp functions are much more extended!

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The dashboard is really intuitive, here're some screenshots.


Backup tab

Security tab

Security tab

Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode

Now you just have to try it 🙂



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