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5 wonderful WordPress Plugins to simplify your work

Would you save time and optimize your site using a few WordPress Plugins?

Thanks to this list you'll be able to solve some problems that usually affect any WordPress site avoiding hours seeking among thousand wordpress plugins.

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Reading this article you'll know many new plugins that will help you optimize your WordPress site and save time and money in its management.

There are thousands of lists of recommended plugins, some have proven useful, but others seemed a cut and paste without rhyme or reason.  After losing time reading galore we decided to forget them all and look for the best plugins on our own.

With the passage of time we created a list of useful plugins that we would like to share with you, hoping that they can also be useful to you.

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Login Lockdown WordPress Plugin

Login LockDown: This plugin prevent the brute force password discovery recording the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt, after a certain number of wrong attempts from the same IP this plugin will disable the login function for 1 hour.

Thanks to this plugin your site could automatically block any unwanted attempt to login to your site and discourage any attackers.

Click here if you want to visit the plugin page on wordpress.org.



Backup Copy Clone WordPress Plugin

Duplicator: This plugin is incredibly useful if you have to move your site from one server to another. Usually to move your site you've to lose many time downloading and uploading it by a FTP client; this process could be really tedious and time consuming, and there's no guarantee that everything will be ok. Thanks to this plugin you can clone your site easily, downloading only 2 files, a zip archive and an installer, then you've to uploading them on your new server.

Click here to visit the plugin page.



Redirection WordPress Plugin

Redirection: Thanks to this plugin you can manage the 301 redirections and track all 404 errors saving them on a log file; this is useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing WordPress base URL.

Click here to take a look to the related WordPress.org page.

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WP Optimize WordPress Plugin

WP optimize: Thanks to this plugin you can keep healthy your wordpress site. Without using PhpMyAdmin you'll be able to clean and optimize your database tables, in particular WP optimize could help you in the following situations:

  • Cleaning up auto draft posts (ehy, did you read this article about the best way to limit auto draft?)
  • Remove unapproved and spam comments
  • Clear out the post trash
  • Remove of all trackbacks and pingbacks
  • And so on...

If you're interested take a deeper look to this plugin here.

Related to this argument you could also read this article about an alternative solution to limit the WordPress revisions.

Clef WordPress plugin

Clef WordPress plugin

Clef Two-Factor Authentication: This plugin add a two-factor authentication to your WordPress site. If you want to make your site harder to gain unauthorized access I suggest you try Clef.

Adding Clef to your site you'll be able to login using your smartphone, thus making your site more secure.

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