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3 super easy way to schedule posts on WordPress

You already know that WordPress allows you to schedule posts, right? You may be wondering the need for an article about an already known function, continue reading, you'll find that there are aspects that are worth to deepen 🙂

Let us together the best way to schedule posts to automatically publish themselves when you prefer!

First of all let's see how the standard post scheduling works. When you're writing a blog post you will see on the right side a box titled "Publish"; ok, let's start from here.

Here is the publishing feature as it would present itself by default:


Try clicking on the "Edit" link and look what happens, you'll probably see something like the following image:


Now you can choose when you prefer to publish your blog post, simply choose the day and time you prefer and click "ok"; now the "Publish" button will change and and it will become "Schedule".

Until now it seems easy, right? Now let me show you some interesting plugin that will improve this feature!

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Editorial calendar

Thanks to this plugin you'll have an overview of all your blog and when each post will be published. The plugin will display you a calendar showing all the posts planned, so you can move them simply dragging and dropping and edit all posts right in the calendar.


Visit the plugin page, click here!

WP scheduled posts

WP scheduled posts will show a scheduled post widget in admin dashboard and / or admin bar and select which users could see the widget. In other words this plugin wont add more functions, but it could simplify the way you monitor your scheduled posts.


Visit the plugin page, click here!

SOUP - Show off Upcoming Posts

This plugin will not change or improve as you can schedule posts, but it will add a new feature. It will add a new widget which allows you to display your upcoming posts, like a kind of teaser.


Click here to visit the plugin page.

That's all 🙂

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